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Are You Ready To Say Goodbye to Nutrient Deficiencies & Wasting Money On Unnecessary Supplements?

So many people face severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies nowadays, whether they are vegan or not.

They don't eat enough nutrient-rich foods and end up facing deficiencies in many key nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Selenium and more...

To help these individuals who are facing deficiencies AND those who feel like they could be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals but are not sure, our resident Plant-Based Dietitian, Jacob McGuiness (APD) is here to offer professional and practical nutrition recommendations so you can avoid nutrient deficiencies and start living your healthiest life!


Who's this for?

This is for you if...

- you are ready to feel and perform at your best

- you want to make sure you are eating enough nutrients to remain healthy

- you want to stop wasting money on supplements that you may not even need

- you want to feel confident with the foods you eat and are ready to take control of your health!


What's Included?

- Our resident Dietitian will conduct a nutrient analysis of your food diary and using your questionnaire to identify which nutrients you may not be eating enough of e.g. iron, zinc, calcium, iodine, selenium etc.
- You will be provided with your results along with recommendations on how to improve your intake on all of these nutrients so that you meet the recommended intakes!
- PLUS, receive practical tips on how to build meals and which supplements (if any) may be required to more easily meet your needs.
- Please check out our FAQs for any frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, please email
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the service work?
After placing an order with us, we will send you links for a Food Diary and Questionnaire, both of which need to be filled out by you before we get working on your custom report. You will receive your report within 7 business days. 

How can I pay?
We accept all major debit/credit card payments and PayPal/Google Pay

Can I get a refund for my order?
Once you place your order, you have 48 hours to correct any mistakes you made while placing your order. If you decide that the ebook is not what you expected then please reach out to our support team,

*Please note: the report is a pdf file so it will not be delivered to your address.

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