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100% customized vegan meal plans designed to fit your lifestyle from the Vegan Health Hub.

What if you could look forward to every meal, every day?
Would that make your health and fitness goals more attainable?

Our custom meal plans give you the tools and guidance to build healthy habits so they become your lifestyle. Once you make the change in a sustainable way, it is no longer a 'diet', it just becomes what you eat.

Take the guesswork out of what to eat.

Health and fitness "gurus" often put an overemphasis on macronutrients — the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that makeup calories.

Although we need all of these in some form each day, we don't need to overcomplicate them. When we eat a variety of whole plant foods—enough to keep us full and satisfied—we easily attain the appropriate macronutrient ratio for any fitness goal, whether it's building muscle, managing weight, or losing weight.

And despite what you've heard about carbs, they are not the enemy! In fact, they are our body's main source of energy!

They help fuel our brain, heart, kidneys, muscles, and central nervous system. Fiber is a carbohydrate and it aids in digestion, regulates mood, helps us feel full, and keeps blood cholesterol levels in check.

A carbohydrate-deficient diet may cause headaches, fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating, nausea constipation, bad breath, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The secret to long term health is micronutrients - the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

They are the foundation of health - they keep our bodies running efficiently, give us the boost in energy, optimize our immune systems, and set us up for a lifetime of optimum health.

That's why we make meal plans full of delicious, whole plant foods that provide us the best nutritional value to fuel our bodies the right way while effortlessly slimming down and getting into the best shape of our lives.

Have you ever thought..

I exercise and eat healthily, but I just can't seem to lose weight.
I don't feel comfortable in pictures.
I'm constantly thinking about food, cravings, and what my next meal is going to be.
I just want to feel confident in my own body.
I don't know what to eat anymore.
I need a food plan that works for ME.

If this resonates with you, we can help!

Our meal plans simplify it by taking the guesswork out of what you need to eat for optimum health.

We create meals focused on whole plant foods that not only keep you full but taste great too! You'll experience a variety of flavors and favorites, all while pushing you closer to your goals.

We take into consideration how often you want to cook, how much time you have to cook, your taste preferences, food allergies, budgetary needs, food availabilities, and any other preferences or restrictions.

No two meal plans are alike.

What's Included?

  • A full one-week meal plan to follow for 4 weeks with customized calories & portions for your personal needs depending on your body composition and goals.
  • Whole food plant-based meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a schedule made specifically for you
  • Nutrition data for each meal
  • Complete Shopping/Grocery List
  • Foods you want to eat - completely tailored to your taste preferences
  • Available to print out, save to your computer or access on your phone
  • Online email support

Plus 2 FREE Bonus Guides: Meal Prep Tips & Tips for Success

How It Works

Step 1
Download the bonus guides after completing the order or via your email. Within the bonus guides, you'll find a link to complete the questionnaire.

Step 2
Complete the questionnaire. In the questionnaire you will tell us your likes, dislikes, and aspects of your lifestyle.

Step 3
We create your meal plan based on your goals and get it back to you within 5 business days of receiving your completed questionnaire.

Step 4
Your meal plan arrives via email with a meal schedule designed for you, recipes, shopping lists, and additional resources to be successful.

Step 5
Now, you start your meal plan with everything need to succeed! You can always reach out with any questions by email.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long until I receive my plan?
You will receive your plan within 5 working days.
How can I pay?
We accept all major debit/credit card payments and PayPal/Google Pay
Can I get a refund for my order?
Once you place your order, you have 48 hours to correct any mistakes you made while placing your order. If you decide that the ebook is not what you expected then please reach out to our support team,
*Please note: this is an ebook (pdf file) so it will not be delivered to your address.

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