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Let us teach you nutrition principles to ensure you are getting the most from what you eat. We provide the foundation so you understand WHY we eat certain foods and we give you 4-8 weeks of meal plans to follow. 

The primary goal of this plan is to provide you with a game plan & meals to follow for 4-8 weeks of sustainable fat loss. The secondary goal is to ensure you understand the nutrition principles & process behind the plan. 

The Fat Loss Plan is split into 2 sections, the Nutrition Guide and the Meal Plan.

1. Fat Loss Nutrition Guide

This section covers the basic principles of vegan nutrition with emphasis on nutrition principles you need to understand for fat loss. This guide also includes an overview of calories, macronutrients & supplements.

2. Fat Loss Meal Plan

This section contains the 2x 1-week meal plans which can be used for 4-8 weeks, including a shopping list, meal planner & information on using the plans and how to carry on the dietary changes after the 4-8 weeks have concluded.



Get ready to say goodbye to your doubts about protein, anti-nutrients, soy products and whether or not a vegan diet is healthy...

We teamed up with a recognized plant-based dietitian, Jacob McGinness (APD) to ensure this guide is everything you need to keep you healthy, well fueled and thriving for life while teaching you the ins-and-out of vegan nutrition.

Let us teach you how to make sure you're getting enough nutrients in every single day and how you can prevent running into any nutritional deficiencies!

This plan is essential if you are transitioning to a vegan diet or if you are currently vegan and want to ensure your nutrition is on point.

The book is split into 6 sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Balanced Plant-Based Diet
  3. Nutrition Fundamentals
  4. Nutritional Concerns
  5. All About Protein
  6. Sample Meal Plan


- 2 PDF files you can download on your smartphone, tablet and computer
- 24/7 email support
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