Pink Himalayan Salt Vs Regular Table Salt - Is there a difference?

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Does Himalayan salt have more nutrition than iodised salt?

This is something many of us wonder as we see articles and blogs praising pink salt above all else... but, is there a difference? Let's find out.

Himalayan pink salt often boasts “84 minerals and trace elements” which sounds amazing.

However, how much nutrition do you think a few sprinklings of salt could contribute to your daily mineral needs?

Reality is… not very much. With this being said, you should aim to get your micronutrients from food, not salt.

Iodised salt, however, provides an amount of the essential nutrient iodine that can significantly contribute to someone’s needs.

Low iodine intake is a common issue, especially amongst vegans, so a little sprinkle of iodised salt does no harm.

In fact, using ½ teaspoon of iodised salt per day will provide your daily iodine needs and is definitely going to be beneficial for your health.

Bottom line is, some salt is ok and good for you. Especially when it contains iodine!

We include some iodised salt in our meal plans to ensure people are consuming adequate iodine. Just another one of the many nutrients our dietitian carefully considers with our plans.

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