Is a Raw Vegan diet healthy or is it dangerous?

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If you've been wondering if raw Vegan diets are a good idea OR even better than cooked food diets, then let our dietitian fill you in...

Raw foods are great, they are nutritious and can sometimes retain more nutrients, antioxidants and digestive enzymes.

Raw vegetables can also be more satiating, meaning they fill you up quicker and are harder to over-indulge in

BUT cooked food still retains most of its nutrition OR can contain more nutrition due to cooking making some nutrients more available.

Eating raw food only can become too restrictive and there is a lot of research to show raw foodists running into issues with protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12 being hard to meet.

Raw foodists also discourage supplementation so they will typically not use supplements to meet their needs.

Some foods are potentially dangerous to consume raw or are much more nutritious when cooked (such as whole grains and legumes).

Bottom line is you can enjoy plenty of raw food! But include cooked stuff as well!

Our vegan meal plans include both raw and cooked food, being designed with the help of a dietitian to ensure they are nutritionally balanced!

Vegan Health Hub provides the dietitian-approved vegan meal plans that include lots of detailed nutrition information to teach you about nutrition while also helping to take control of your health & fitness goals.

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