Keys To Immunity As A Vegan

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Staying well right now is extremely important to limit the spread of COVID19 to the vulnerable and minimise our own chance of getting unwell.

As a vegan, it is just as important to be putting extra effort into keeping safe and healthy.

The biggest things to focus on now are social distancing and good hygiene practices to limit our chance of catching the virus!

But after those, there are a few very important things to focus on...

1️⃣ Variety and abundance of plant foods

We may be tempted to opt for a lazy meal with minimal ingredients, but we need to keep the variety on our plate to provide the nutrients we need to stay healthy! 

2️⃣ Make sure our meals are still containing vegetables and legumes even if they are frozen or canned (still very nutritious options).

Nuts, seeds and fruits are also very important for immunity due to their mineral and antioxidant content.

3️⃣ Stay active…

Do whatever you can to get your heart rate up for at least 10-15 minutes every day! 

Whether it’s a brisk walk or jog around the block, or a home workout or yoga session.

Being active is going to play a huge role in maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing!

I hope these tips serve as a reminder to keep doing the little things and help some of you keep healthy during this time!

Remember the last thing we want is someone saying we got sick because we were vegan...

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